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Effective Altruism Power Brokers Shielded Sam Bankman-Fried, Reaping Rewards

• Sam Bankman-Fried, the founder of FTX, was accused of lying and sleeping with subordinates in 2018.
• Despite attempts by Alameda Research staff to push Bankman-Fried out, figures like Oxford professor William MacAskill continued to burnish his image.
• MacAskill and others were rewarded for their defense of Bankman-Fried’s behavior as FTX succeeded in later years.

Sam Bankman-Fried Accused of Unethical Behavior

In 2018, a number of people within the Effective Altruism movement warned that Sam Bankman-Fried was a liar who had slept with multiple subordinates. Despite formal attempts by Alameda Research staff to push Bankman-Fried out at the time, figures including Oxford professor William MacAskill continued publicly burnishing the FTX founder’s image as he built one of the largest financial frauds of all time.

William MacAskill Defends Sam Bankman-Fired

Despite warnings about Bankman-Fried’s behavior, philosopher William MacAskill and other prominent figures in the EA movement chose to continue defending him publicly, even taking steps to protect his reputation. This was not just a matter of dismissed rumors and personal grudges; it involved well documented corporate processes being derailed by people whose entire careers are premised on cultivating moral action.

Alameda Research Calls Meeting Against Sam

In April 2018, four top Alameda managers called a meeting with William MacAskill and other members of the EA movement who had been defending Bankman-Fried publicly. The managers presented evidence detailing how unethical practices had been employed during their attempt to remove him from power at Alameda Research but were met with threats instead of support for their efforts.

MacAskills Rewarded For Standing By Sam

Despite these warnings and attempts to push back against Bankmann-Fired’s unethical behavior from within his own company, MacAskill and others continued supporting him throughout the years until FTX appeared to succeed in later years – rewarding them for standing alongside him despite their knowledge about his misconduct.

Conclusion: Moral Failings Reaped Rewards

The story of Sam Bankmann Fried illustrates how those willing to turn away from moral failings can be rewarded for doing so – even when they know better than anyone else what is actually going on behind closed doors. It also serves as a reminder that those looking out for our collective moral wellbeing must be willing to stand up against powerful individuals when necessary or risk turning a blind eye towards systemic corruption that could have far reaching consequences down the line if left unchecked.