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Web3 Culture Thriving: Top Brands Embrace the New Economy

• The brand leaders at CoinDesk’s Consensus Conference 2023 are confident that Web3 culture is not dead.
• Creators, leaders, and builders from the NFT space spoke about the resilience of Web3.
• According to Betty, what is unique about the Web3 space is that people have a chance to empower the community.

Web3 Culture Is Alive and Well

Creators, leaders and builders from the NFT space spoke about the resilience of Web3 at CoinDesk’s annual Consensus conference. Brand leaders were confident that Web3 culture was still strong despite recent market cycles that included crypto firm collapses and slower-than-expected NFT sales.

Resilience in Web3

Yat Siu, co-founder and executive chairman at Animoca Brands, discussed where he thought Web3 was headed in the future with his experience as an investor in metaverse and NFTs. Deadfellaz co-founder Betty; chief marketing officer of Alo Yoga Angelic Vendette; director of emerging technology of Diageo North America Devin Nagy; founder of Studio LOGIK Julian Gilliam, and Web3 head of United Talent Agency Lesley Silverman also shared their insights on stage during Wednesday’s session.

The Unique Power Of Community Empowerment

According to Betty, what sets this culture apart is its ability to allow people to take ownership and build something new while challenging existing systems. She noted how top brands such as Starbucks, MasterCard and Adidas had recently made moves into the space proving its vitality as well as other signals such as increasing consumer adoption rates for crypto products like digital wallets or stablecoins.

Why People Are Drawn To This Space

People are drawn to this space because it gives them freedom when it comes to their money or data ownership which allows them to maintain control over these aspects of their lives instead of relying on centralized authorities or institutions for access or validation. Additionally, many find value in being part of a larger movement that promotes decentralization rather than centralization which they feel will lead us into a more equitable future overall.


At CoinDesk’s Consensus Conference 2023 brand leaders confirmed that web 3 culture is still alive and thriving despite recent market cycles or slowing NFT sales rates. They noted several signs pointing towards its resiliency including top brands moving into the space as well as increasing consumer adoption for crypto products like digital wallets or stablecoins among others. Those involved in this space find value in having control over their money or data ownership, being part of a larger movement promoting decentralization rather than centralization, thus leading us into a more equitable future overall